Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Apple Shares are Dirt Cheap! $AAPL

Hey, get some Apple ($AAPL) stock here at rock bottom prices! Shares going to $1001!  GET IN NOW!  (lol)

Okay, I love Apple stuff, too.  But I don't own the stock.  I wish I had been an owner all the way up.  I bought it and sold it for a $4 loss when Steve Jobs announced he was ill again.  Didn't like the risk.

But the products are great.  I have an iPhone and an iPad.  Today, I activated the LTE on the new iPad.  It's fast.  It's great.  When LTE comes to the next generation iPhone, sales are going to go through the roof.  Well, assuming there's another roof to go through.

$1001 a share.  Who am I to joke about it?  Apple would be worth a trillion bucks.  Wow.

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