Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazon Soars After Hours

$AMZN - Amazon soars after hours on earnings report.  Not as obvious as $AAPL, though, right?  But shares did go up nearly $30 in extended trading. 
Inc. posted first-quarter profits Thursday that blew by analysts\' estimates and caused the company\'s stock to jump in extended trading. The company said its Kindle Fire tablet remains its best-selling item, but its outlook for revenue growth was slower than expected.

The market has had a big run the past few days after three frustrating weeks.  There certainly seems to be a lot of optimism surfacing.

This is the BlogDocs app for the ipad.  It's pretty full-featured.  It may take a bit to get used to.  I still love Blogsy, but this does seem to be quite more robust in features.  Whether the features are needed = we shall see!  But it is cool.  

As you may know, I use lots of blogging tools to blog...  Some work for different uses.


Another night without an Audioboo or podcast, and blogging light!  Well, an hour bike ride, dinner, an hour walk with the dog.  And then no breaks during the day to gather my thoughts!  I thought I had a routine down!  What happened!?!?!?

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