Thursday, March 08, 2012

Wall Street Erases Weekly Losses (Almost)

The market has rallied back the past two days, and who gets the credit? Greece! Stocks rose on Thursday, recovering most of the week's losses, after Greece moved closer to a bond swap with private creditors to avoid a messy default.

Well, okay.  Greece continues to get the media's attention.

So, the market has bounced back to near the recent highs.  Anyone have any concerns or sense of foreboding about that?  Lighter-volume retest of the highs?  Could this be a well-telegraphed opportunity to lighten up?  The market is basically at the highs of the trading range that has defined this bear market from 2000-2012 (so far).  Just saying.

I certainly hope that the market goes higher.  But I'm not sure I'd bet that this happens now or later this year.  I haven't done much and remain 80% long, but as I've mentioned before I have lowered my beta.  Haven't done any more of that, but it is on my mind.  Maybe this is because I'm caught up in the emotion of trading stocks, too.  It is difficult to sell when "the fish are biting" and speculative stocks are moving higher.  It works while it works.   And it's fun, right?

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