Friday, March 23, 2012

TGIF Randomosity ($SODA, $OART, new iPad and Christine Nguyen!)

  • imageToday’s randomosity includes iPad news, Christine Nguyen and a bikini, stocks, and Leo Laporte (not pictured).
  • Loving the new iPad!  Quick and pretty.  About the heating issue?  Can’t fry chicken on it!  I really haven’t noticed much heat or warmth at all. 
  • Stock market feels like it wants to correct here.  Just saying.  I still have a large cash position, but as I’ve mentioned in the audioboos and podcasts and other blog entries, I’m dancing around with some of the high-volatile biotechs.  And other stuff.  Hard to sit on a pile of cash at 0%.  Trying to add value, right?  LOL.
  • There’s an article up at Seeking Alpha on long-term potential for Sodastream ($SODA).  To be honest, I have a Sodastream.  It was fun at first, trying all the different flavors.  I’m having a tough time finding diet decaf varieties locally, and have had to order them from the company.  In addition, there is the replacing of the CO2 cartridge.  Plus, it doesn’t really taste as good as Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke.  Really.   So… The Peter Lynch thing on this?  Eh, not an investment for me.  Pass me a bottled pop.
  • On Leo Laporte’s iPad Today show, he mentioned that the folks who were experiencing iPad heat issues should take their iPad back to Apple and get a replacement.  Agreed!
  • As I type… Mixed tape on the market.  Dow and SP500 up while the Nasdaq is down.  The market has reversed from a down open.
  • I was checking the TV schedule and saw “Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet.”  Didn’t watch it, but found some Christine Nguyen videos on YouTube…  An idle mind and all!  Here are Christine and Syren, in bikinis, in a clip from the movie.
Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet
  • The iPad A5 chip is in the lower left corner, if you’re holding the iPad in landscape mode with the Home button on the right.  That’s where the warmth would be. 
  • The maker of Etch-A-Sketch, Ohio Art ($ was up 141% yesterday.  Thanks, Mitt Romney!  The stock is down 31% today, as I type.  Looks like someone took the profits and the stock is being shaken upside down today…
  • So how did Christine Nguyen get that job in Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet?  It was this outstanding audition!

Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet

  • Run, don’t walk, to your DVR and search for Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet.  Record and never erase. 

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