Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Bought the New iPad

imageYes, I bought a new iPad today.  $AAPL.

It is loading apps right now as I type. 

Quick observation is that I just got back from Reno, and decided to cruise by the Apple Store to check one out.  When I got there, there were millions of people in the store, but the line outside to purchase was very short.  I asked if there were any new iPads in stock, and they said yes.  White?  Verizon?  Yes!  Yes!

The very friendly Apple Store employee handed me a white ticket with the new iPad model I wanted, and I stood in line.  Three people later, I had a new iPad and was headed out the door.

I’m surprised that they had some in stock.

I spoke with a few folks in line, and they hadn’t intended on buying one today but since there was a very short line, they did the same as I did.  None of them had tried one or played with one. They were previous owners and just wanted to upgrade.

When I spoke to the very friendly Apple Store employee, he also asked me if I had even played with one.  When I answered no, he said that is what everyone says.  Talk about brand loyalty!

Tick tock.  Waiting for sync…


As you know from the blog or the podcast/audioboo, someone stole my Android Transformer Prime tablet a couple of weeks ago.  Rather then get another Android, I decided on the new iPad.  Lets face it, Apple knows how to do this better than the other guys -- so far.

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