Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greece! And the Payroll Tax Cut

GreeceIt's just Greece affecting stocks. Nothing else matters.

Anyway, a potential deal on an extension of the payroll tax is in the headlines. How will that be paid for? Another $100 billion in debt. Why didn't they do that last time instead of adding a fee to new mortgages? If deficits don't matter, charge it all and spread out the cash advance to the 99%!

Stocks are mostly down as I type with the Nasdaq up a tick. So we will see how that last trading hour goes.

Which reminds me of my snafu yesterday when I blogged about the market being down. For some reason the last quote I had on my iPhone was of a negative day. Must have dropped the data connection in the last half hour! Yesterday was bullish as buyers surged in.

Will that happen today???

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