Wednesday, February 01, 2012

...And the Market Went Up Anyway

One story says that stocks rose because of good manufacturing data. Another story says oil prices sank because of mixed US demand for crude.

Hmm... If US demand for oil is dropping, that's a sign of the economy slowing down. We use less oil and gasoline when we're hunkerin' down. On the other hand, if manufacturers are makin' stuff, it's because they're seeing increased demand.

Anyway. Maybe people just felt like buying stocks today. When the trend gets going, it's a bit contagious. Good news is bought. Bad news is bought. The mid-day declines are bought. The morning dips are bought.

And social network IPOs will really be bought.

Facebook, or $FB as we'll all be calling it soon, will IPO in the near future. Get your limit order in now. GTC! There are a lot of fishermen (and fisherwomen) on the pier throwing their lines out trying to catch a ride on this IPO. I might even join them. It's too tempting not to, right?

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