Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weak Treasuries!

TreasuriesDid you read that Treasuries are off to their worst start since 2003?

And it was just early last week that the 30-year rate fell below 4%! I bet that will get harder and harder to find as the calendar moves along.

The bottom line is that world economies continue to grow. China's GDP was huge. The US continues to add jobs as the employment numbers improve. The fly in the ointment continue to be Europe. Greece is in the headlines today, as worries about their new debt could impact markets on Monday.

The US stock market seems to be on a bit of a rally and could be overbought and due for a correction. But that is awfully difficult to predict. Right now, stocks are rallying and ignoring bad news. For example, the Google miss on Thursday could have been a catalyst for a market disaster. While Friday was weak with the Dow leading thanks to IBM and Microsoft, the Nasdaq was down.

As for Treasuries, I think everyone can see the elephant in the room - rates are going to find it easier to move higher than go lower.

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