Friday, January 13, 2012

Marines Identified

The urinating Marines identified: George Bush and Mitt Romney, the latter who also routinely urinated on people fired from companies while he ran Bain, dressed up and did the deed.

Of course, I'm joking - but, it is troubling to see the Marines conducting themselves in such a way. Strange how we're more bothered by the urinating than the fact that the people were killed. But this was a pretty senseless act.

There is an unwritten word that you don't speak ill of the dead. I think we can add "urinate on" to that list, too. Even though we are at war with extremists, once the threat has been eliminated, respect the dead.

At our core, when you strip us of our clothes, uniforms, weapons, and ideology, we are all God's children. Show respect. Feel remorse for the corpses at our feet. Pray to God that he will forgive us.

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