Monday, January 09, 2012

It's Mon-AlcoaEuro-Day!

Earnings The market is up softly as I type, as earnings season kicks off. Alcoa! We also have the euro watch going on, as usual. Of course, earnings season only happens four times a year, while the euro watch happens every frackin' day. Seriously! Do you think anyone will realize that throwing more debt at countries with debt problems will actually help? (we need to look in the mirror on this, too). But, bottom line in the US, is that we have slow economic growth. It is growth! I suspect earnings will continue to show increasing profits, but forward looking caution and hesitation. I'm still invested at 100% equities. The black box could go on a sell signal at any time, though. Will I follow it blindly this year? That's always the question! Have a good Monday!

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