Thursday, January 05, 2012

The ASUS Transformer Prime and Android... Thoughts

More thoughts on the ASUS Transformer Prime, one week in... Pros and cons.

  • Very fast performance. Zippy. Smooth and fast scrolling.
  • My apps aren't crashing, like on the iPad 1.
  • Light weight. Feels good in hands. Comfortable to hold.
  • Camera takes good pictures.
  • Screen is pretty. Games look very good.
  • Decent battery life. The charge lasts about two evenings worth of use.
  • Android isn't as smooth and polished as Apple's iOS. I've had a few issues where I've been combing message boards for answers.
  • But, good and active Android message board community, as folks seem to be facing similar issues.
  • Skype video calls not working.
  • The GPS is slow, but works for me. I am usually in a wi-fi zone, so the GPS antenna behind aluminum problems haven't been an issue for me.
  • Missing Wall Street Journal app!
  • The USA Today, Skygrid, 360 News apps are Great! I like them better on Android than Apple iOS.
  • The Android Marketplace has a lot fewer tablet apps than the Apple app store. And then it isn't easy to identify apps that are made specifically for tablets.
  • I like the Amazon marketplace free app of the day!

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