Monday, January 02, 2012

The 2012 Outlook and Predictions

Here are the 2012 stock market predictions and outlook.

Bulls and Bears

Gary B. Smith:       AMZN up 40%   Dow 14,700
Jonas Max Ferris:  JPM up 30%      Dow 13,000
Tobin Smith:          TSM up 100%    Dow 12,800

Currently, the Dow is at 12,217,  AMZN is $173.10, JPM is $33.25, and TSM is $12.91.  Kind of interesting that Toby has the biggest stock prediction and the lowest Dow index prediction.   If the market is going to rally, the financials have to participate.  I think Jonas' prediiction of JPM is very interesting.  And then Gary B. Smith's prediction of AMZN seems like a good one, especially if folks buy the Kindle Fire.  I just got an Android tablet and apps are sold via the Amazon store, too.

Cavuto on Business

Adam Lashinsky:     VTSMX:  $31.29
Ben Stein:                 SPY:     $125.50
Matt McCall:             HILO:      $18.28 

Yes!  Index funds and ETFs!  The "low volatility" emerging markets ETF (HILO) has a big yield.  


Forbes on Fox

Morgan Brennan:           LINE:  $37.91
Bill Baldwin:                   ZBRA: $35.78
Kim McNicholas:            CAT:   $90.60
Elizabeth MacDonald:    PAUCX

Cashin' In

Tracy Byrnes:              Dow will be flat, $4 gasoline
Gary Kaltbaum:           MA:  $372.82
Wayne Rogers:            LUK:  $22.74

Some of the regulars were off this week due to the holiday, so we can't keep tabs on everyone's 2012 picks!

(For some reason, I didn't have these predictions up for 2011!  Maybe Fox had some New Year's specials on. I don't recall...)

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