Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 in Review (Part 1)

This is the first look back at 2011.  Basically,after all the volatility and noise, stocks went nowhere!

  • Dow: 5.5%
  • SP500:  0% 
  • Nasdaq: -1.8%
  • Emerging Markets: -18.6%
  • US Bond Index:  8%
Tomorrow, I will run my numbers and see how I did against the benchmarks. 

It is amazing with all the volatility that the market basically didn't move.  How many volatile swings did we have this year?  It seems like we were gapping up, gapping down, and reversing intra-day all year long!

Last year it seemed that we had a lot of optimism heading into 2011.  Heading into 2012, it seems like there is much more pessimism.  I think we will have a strong stock market in 2012.  Corporate profits are strong, and with the market at the same multiple, it means that stocks are cheaper now than in 1/1/2011.  More tomorrow...

Happy New Year to all!


I am running behind a bit.   Lots of New Years parties and get togethers.  The weather has been amazing, and I've been out cycling and taking advantage of the sunshine!

I'm tying this on my iPad and not the new ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet.  I find myself using both tablets during the day for different things.  I don't have a keyboard for my Android tablet yet, so this is why I'm on the iPad now.  Plus, there really isn't a good blogging client for the Android that I can find.

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