Friday, December 16, 2011

TGIF Randomosity! And $ZNGA!

  • imageMany folks are talking about a New Bear Market as stock leaders struggle and moving averages are sliced through.  In addition, this SHOULD be a bullish time of year and the market is struggling.  Gee, what happens in January?  Honestly, I’m not that worried at this point.  I think the sentiment and consensus is for the economic woes to continue, and despite the strong emotional tug to go in that direction, I remain 100% long.
  • Zynga priced at $10, trading at $11.  As I type.  Zynga charges small amounts of money _ a few cents, sometimes a couple of dollars _ for virtual items in online games. The games are free to play. Players can aquire items that range from crops in ``Farmville'' to buildings in ``CityVille,'' its most popular Facebook game.  No pesky permits or environmental restrictions for virtual crops and buildings.
  • Is it just me or does it seem that the latest Hollywood movie offerings, uh, suck?
  • Hey, consumer prices show little change in NovemberThe cost of living in the US was little changed in November as gasoline prices dropped and food expenses cooled, supporting the Federal Reserve's view that inflation will remain in check.  Don’t THEY normally leave out food and energy when they’re rising in price?  Yet, they’re front and center when declining?  Hmm…  Seems like a little editorializing going on.  We will probably see more of that during the election year.  EVERYTHING IS FANTASTIC!
  • RIM shares tumble.  Yeah.  Nobody wants a Blackberry anymore.  I saw some article recommending RIM as a 2012 comeback stock. Pfft. No way.  They’re toast.

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