Monday, December 12, 2011

Black Box Update!

No changes in the black box.  Still on buy signal from 11/22.

imageObviously, the market is Euro-centric at this point.  I’m emotionally torn.  The US is recovering and growing slowly – but growing.  I’d expect the stock market to continue to grow.  On the other hand, the debt in Europe and the US is staggering, and that does matter at some point.

So, is that “some point” now or later?

Anyway, I’m still long.


Back from a trip to LA, which is why the blog postings and podcasts slowed this past week. Spent time with family.  Good times.

One thing I always forget is how nice SoCal is.  Yes, there is traffic and tons of people, but there are also tons of things to do.  And it’s a great environment.  Plus, it has the Lakers.


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