Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday $AMZN Randomosity

  • So, $AMZN was down today over 12%.  A little panic ahead of the Amazon Kindle Fire release.  I think the Kindle Fire will sell well and that Amazon will make a ton on apps.  Of course, the PE multiple of Amazon is pretty high as it is.
  • imageYes, Europe was the reason for the early selloff and for the late rally.  “The market is up today because our expectation bar had been set significantly low for today’s European summit, so we were expecting a numberless communiqué, so with that being the base case, we’ve shifted our focus to better-than-expected earnings across the board,” said Art Hogan, equity strategist at Lazard Capital Markets.
  • Baseball needs to finish the World Series by October, not start it in October. Rain out and game postponed.
  • The Motley Fool (remember them?) say investors are missing one thing about Amazon.
  • The Democrats have a new plan:  New taxes on the wealthy.  Hey, isn’t that the old plan?  Revenue would be raised mostly by bumping up the high-end tax bracket and limiting deductions for upper-income earners, those familiar with the talks said.  I don’t see that getting by Congress.
  • Actually, the Motley Fool folks have a good daily podcast that goes over the news of the day.  Really!
  • I can’t remember the last time I shopped on Amazon.  Really. 
  • The NBA meeting again…  Yawn.  Maybe they should cancel the entire season, and then see if folks want to bargain for the 2012-3 season, and if not, cancel that, too.  Eventually, I think they’d reach a deal.  Maybe even in my lifetime. 
  • Picture is of Greek Playboy model Vasso Vilegas.

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