Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday Randomosity

  • Mortgage rates average under 4% nationally. Although, as I mentioned in the podcast and on the blog, I haven't actually been able to find a rate under 4% in CA. I'm not calling anyone a liar here, just haven't been able to find that kind of rate yet.
  • I am torn whether or not the stock market turned the corner last week and is on the next leg up (or at least back up to the top of the trading range). The volume on subsequent rally days was a bit light. But, so many folks had joined the bear camp. I think any trip down near the 1100 mark on the SP500, and I will get more aggressively long. Stay tuned. You'll read about it here if I do it!
  • My fantasy team is struggling. Lost a bid for a bye-week WR, so struggling with Mike Williams and Mike Thomas in the starting roster playing against the guy with Adrian Peterson. Hello.
  • Netflix now 61% off its highs. YOWCH. Well, you know why I never have invested in Netflix if you listen to the podcast and read the blog. But really, combine a lousy marketing decision this summer with competition, and it is easy to understand why the air is coming out of this balloon.
  • So, for my podcasts on Audioboo, I've downloaded n-track studio for the iphone. Previously, I've used the Audioboo app. It is no frills, no intro or outro music or mixing in other tracks. I've also used VC Audio Pro, which limits you to about 7 minutes before you max out and can't email the podcast to Audioboo. Now, I have n-track studio. It has the capability to import tracks from your iTunes music library, and then edit the tracks. No email size limit that I can see. I tried a 20 minute broadcast, and it worked. Not that I'm going to talk for 20 minutes on a podcast, but nice to know I CAN!
  • Down by 10 in fantasy. YIKES. still have 2 guys, he has 3.
  • If you're thinking about the new iPhone 4S, and 200,000 of you have already pre-ordered, here is a comparison of the Sprint, Verizon, and ATT plans.
  • A final written word today... Steve Jobs. I've been listening to the tech podcasts from the Wall Street Journal and Leo LaPorte and ... (etc). So many words spoken on the greatness and skill set of Steve Jobs. He was very much admired by everyone. I listened to Jobs' 2005 Stanford graduation speech, and it is amazing. May he rest in peace.

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