Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monster Rally Thoughts

Wow.  So, Europe comes up with a deal for Greece.  It means that bond holders get a 50% haircut, not including any inflation erosion over the years.  But basically  $.50 on the $1.  I guess you can understand why the bond market took a hit!  Consider that in some of the other struggling economies like Spain, Italy, the US, California…  Hey we’re  not there yet, but it is fuel for thought.

Combine that with a 2.5% GDP that was far above what the folks who are calling for a recession were thinking, and we have a huge day for the markets.


What a World Series game tonight. 

Typing this via the iPad app Pocket Cloud, which lets you control the PC from your iPad.  So this is via Windows Live Writer – on the iPad!

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