Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Market Thoughts

The first weekend of NFL winding down, and I'm contemplating the $SPY and $QQQ. Maybe this is because my fantasy football team has started off the season in a severe downtrend.

Lots of columns about value investing and dividend returns. Which makes me want to avoid dividends and value, and look to growth. After all, if you follow the herd, you end up with RB Chris Johnson in the first round like I did. And by now everyone knows that Mike Tolbert is the better fantasy running back, right?

I think the gravitational pull of the bottom of the trading range is going to get the $SPY close to a retest. And the market futures are down so we may come close tomorrow.

Oh, September is historically the worst performing month for the stock market. Just a reminder as it seems to be playing out in front of us.

Anyway, it does seem as if we're in another recession. I don't think the government spending money we don't have is the answer. I'm thinking that the government just has to let the economy do what it needs to do. The government seems to just be prolonging the malaise.



Sitting on my butt all day. Going for a ride before the night game... Starting Miles Austin in the Flex position against the Jets. This weekend is already lost for me so it doesn't matter. I was debating starting Reggie Bush. LOL. Doesn't matter anyway.

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