Sunday, September 18, 2011

NFL Sunday Randomosity

  • If you're long the $QQQ and started Adrian Peterson, you're happy.
  • $RIM slumps. Is $NFLX the next $RIM? Both stocks flew high and one crashed while the other is crashing. $RIM fell because better products from other companies hit the market. Netflix is falling because they angered consumers with a rate change and there are other streaming options available. Plus, Netflix streaming content is sketchy at best. Now there are apps on the ipad that can stream TV shows from the networks for free.
  • President Obama to adopt Warren Buffett's idea for a tax on the "mega rich." The problem is that there aren't enough mega rich to tax. It just won't generate enough money. In order to raise a lot of money, a tax has to be levied on the middle class. The populism over taxing the rich overshadows the rate increase on the middle class. If the country returns to the tax rates under Clinton, then the middle class tax rate goes up a few percent, too. That's where the bulk of the money is.
  • I dropped DirecTV for ATT Uverse and like it. I don't miss the NFL Sunday Ticket, and have the NFL Red Zone channel on for $5 a month. LOL.
  • I don't know what to think about Solyndra other than somebody sure made a ton of money somewhere. Something's not right there. But will it just be swept under the rug?
  • My fantasy football team is bad. Chris Johnson is a bust so far. Too early to just drop him to the waiver wire, as the Titans schedule gets easier ahead. But the guy isn't doing anything. Should have drafted Fred Jackson in the first round instead of Chris Johnson! LOL.

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