Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Europe Again Randomosity!

  • imageLos Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher says the Fed “twist” will be ineffective. $SPY $QQQ
  • Market was up because of Europe, then retreated because of Europe, and then hooked up near the finish because of Europe.  MVP?  Europe.
  • In the worst secret since “Independence Day occurring on July 4th this year,” $AAPL to hold their “iPhone Event” on October 4th.  Which is not Independence Day, kids.  Although it may feel like fireworks going off.  There’s an app for that.
  • Until Congress can get its act together and put in place policies that encourage businesses to take advantage of low interest rates, “further monetary accommodation — be it in the form of quantitative easing or performing “jujitsu” on the yield curve through efforts such as Operation Twist — will represent nothing more than pushing on a string,” Fisher said in a speech in Dallas.
  • Nine American Cities Going Broke.  That’s all?  Things are a lot better than I thought!  Obama 2012!
  • imageYeah, I know it’s really Dallas Fed Bank dude Richard Fisher.  Who, by the way, doesn’t play for the Lakers.
  • Say, NBA on strike? Why not let the players run the Fed for a while!?!?!
  • Here’s my market thought of the day…  The QQQ was turned back by the 200dma.  Check it out.  Really.  The rally is on light volume.  It’s the end of the quarter and end of the month.  So, look out below?  Not doing much here.  Same positions as the last time.  Some cash, low beta stuff, some oil, and the mix of QQQ and VB trade which is again near if not profitable.   Should bank it, huh?
  • Elisabetta Canalis voted off Dancing With the Stars.
  • New York Governor Chris Christie says he ain’t running for President in 2012.  But he is playing it coy about trying out for Dancing With the Stars.

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