Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Days in a Row - UP!

What a nice week in the market! The $DIA up 4.7%, and the Nasdaq up 6.3%.

The reason du jour? Europe! It's kind of like climate change - if it's cold or hot, it's climate change. If the market is up or down, it's Europe.

But is this just the annual reason for the summer sell off? After all, Europe has been in the headlines all year long - even back into 2010. It's not like it is an unknown. I think the US economic situation is more worrisome, although I'm still thinking that we're just experiencing slow growth and a lack of an economic boom compared to another recession. We'll know soon enough about that!


Anyway, my attention to the blog and audio boos have been a little light lately. It's not waning interest as much as it is tons of work at the Fun Factor. I've noticed an ebb and flow in activity over the years based on the stress level at work. So, I'm still here just not HERE. Be back soon...

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