Friday, August 26, 2011

TGIF Randomosity! $GLD! $AAPL

  • imageSteve Jobs and $AAPL, Hurricane Irene, $GLD bubble collapse, Libya…
  • 7 ways to play the Gold collapse.
  • The gadget guide to survive Hurricane Irene.
  • Picture is of Bloomberg TV’s Susan Li. And… I find myself watching more Bloomberg these days.
  • Are folks just going to have to learn to live with less? “The U.S. has yet to wrestle with the question of public policy priorities in a world of scarce resources,” Harvard professor Katherine Baicker. That doesn’t sound like an election year winner.
  • You know greedy Wall Street… Investors look at Lowes and Home Depot for gains from Hurricane Irene boost.
  • Meet the Women of Bloomberg. Sounds like an old Playboy magazine feature, eh?
  • I guess Bernanke also predicted long term US economic growth.  The interesting thing is that the market was down early, right?  And even with no action by the Fed, it looks like the market recovered with no problem.  Maybe the lack of action is seen as a boost.  LOL.
  • imageSo, Ray Rice as #1 Fantasy Football draft pick?
  • My concern with $AAPL and the departure of Steve Jobs, is that there is a high premium in the stock for being the hot and innovative tech leader.  I think iPhones and iPads will continue to sell well, but what about the risk premium in the stock that is tied to Steve Jobs?  I suppose one could argue that some of that has come out the past few years, but all of it?  Stock is ignoring the news and is strong.
  • I remain invested the same… No changes for awhile.  It’s interesting as we approach Labor Day.  Remember last year, the market bottomed and had the Labor Day rally, then never looked back. It’s almost as if that is being priced in this year, no?  I’m not sure where we go from here, but I’m remaining in the low beta stuff, some cash, the QQQ and VB trades still on, and some oil.  That’s about it.

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