Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night Shockers Randomosity

  • imageLots of drama about the US debt ceiling, but a compromise is near.  Shocker.
  • $AAPL iOS 4.3.4 patches jailbreak, and is immediately jailbroken.  Shocker.  I’m not sure why folks still jailbreak.
  • Dodgers lose again to D-backs.  Shocker.  Dodgers are pretty lame this year.  Hitting is very suspect, right?
  • People still outraged over Netflix’s rate hikes.  Shocker.  Heck, who cares about the debt ceiling if the Big Movie Streaming is raking in profits at consumers’ expense?
  • Back from Reno, break even.  Shocker.  Thanks to hitting a little on a Megabucks slot machine near the end of the weekend.  Phew.

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