Tuesday, July 26, 2011

$NFLX, Obama, Debt Ceiling, end of Month

All the focus on the debt ceiling as we approach the end of month period. As you know, the market tends to have a bid under it the last few days of he month and first few days of the next month. Month-end statements, 401(k) dollar cost averaging from paychecks, etc. Doesn't always work, but usually - right, Norm Fosback?

And the debt ceiling stuff last night on TV was ridiculous. Obama started off blaming Bush and threw in some of the usual "clean energy" and taxing the corporations stuff. Does this guy know the unemployment rate is over 9%?

I joked on Twitter last night that Obama was going to talk about the Netflix stock crash last night. I wish he would have, instead of the nonsense about raising taxes. If that GDP number comes in weak, tax hikes are way off the table, right?

Oh, and $NFLX messes with their subscription model just as subscriptions are slowing? Hey, isn't that like a tax hike on folks? And folks are opting out or reducing their plans!

More later. Dog days of summer and all. Same positions as last time.

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