Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Biggest Rally in Dow Since Columbus Discovered America! (and Randomosity)

imageThoughts on today’s significant stock market rally $$:

  • Why didn’t I buy $SPY yesterday in the $129’s?  When I said “tempting,” I was *that* close to buying.  That was my entry point at the last major trade.  Eh, I still believe that we retest the bottom of the trading range sometime this summer.  You know, sometimes the biggest market moves are against the trend.  That’s “sometimes.”  
  • $AAPL profits through the roof.  All the chatter about iPhone sales slowdowns, Android competition, Steve Jobs health… pffft.  Not today’s business.  Not even a “sell the news” reaction on the numbers, which I thought was likely.  I wonder how many folks sold Apple ahead of the earnings call?
  • Debt ceiling deal seems close at hand.  It was all just posturing and wearing us out, now BOOM, a miracle.  Seems to happen every time.  I suspect things will be resolved soon.
  • Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms?  Tasty!
  • If you turned on CNBC this morning to watch market news, you were out of luck.  All Rupert Murdoch, all the time.  I realize that all the media outlets, outside the only media outlet people are watching (Fox), are busy backslapping each other.  But please, can the financial channel show financial news?  I’d even take a few “booyahs” over Murdoch getting grilled.
  • Japanese stocks?  Rallying.  Tech stocks, of course.  Nothing else ever rallies these days, right?
  • Nasdaq lead the rally today.  That’s good.

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