Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wednesday Randomosity

  • The Yahoo Finance headline is amusing: Pessimism Continues to Prevail. Or, "Losing is Winning!"
  • Reason du jour for the stock market weakness? The Fed's Beige Book said that economic growth was slowing. But also remember that Bernanke said that the Fed believed that economic growth would pick up later this year. Maybe that's priced in?
  • Of course, higher oil prices are hurting folks. And our best pals OPEC have decided not to increase oil production.
  • Hey, wouldn't it be nice to see our President take the lead and announce a federal program to encourage natural gas cars? Bob Brinker and Dr. Bill Wattenburg have talked about it.
  • Bill Gross said that "Bonds are toast!" One thing I've learned in life, is never to take a Bill Gross prediction too seriously. But, it sure is a convincing argument. Read the link. It makes sense.
  • Anthony Weiner. LOL. Well, what do you say? He's toast. That's for sure. If you''re not reading James Taranto on this, you're missing out.
  • I had such a great day at work today. Very energizing. Lots of positive feedback from the folks that matter. I was starting to thinking about leaving the Fun Factory and - heck I don't know - applying for a $200,000 lifeguard job in Orange County. Know what I mean?
  • ***
  • So how is the exercise program going? Still lifting weights. In week 16. Had some struggles the past few weeks sticking with the plan. But did it. Substituted some exercises here and there, and doubled-up after missed days, which is difficult and impacts me for the whole week. Cycling is down the past month due to bad weather and lack of time.

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