Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Randomosity

  • imageWho else is a little underwhelmed at the prospects of $AAPL (Apple’s) WWDC with no new iPhone or iPad announcement?  Do I really care about the iCloud?  Not that sexy.  I’m going in with low expectations, so maybe there’s some WOW room somewhere…
  • The stock market held up okay despite the weak retail and jobless reports.  Kind of a ho-hum day compared to the last two.  "Companies are just not hiring the same number of workers that they laid off two years ago, and that's leading to a very stale jobs environment," said David Loesser, the president of the Estate Planners Group.
  • With the stock sells on Tuesday, I’m now sitting with cash, some low-beta stocks, and some oil. 
  • Should have dumped the oil stocks a while ago, huh?  But I tell ya, with basically zero energy policy from our government and the plan is “just import oil,” then I know oil will eventually just keep going higher eventually.  There’s no reason for it not to.
  • Groupon filed for their IPO.  That one will be nuts.
  • Miami up over Dallas as I type.  Not a shocker, IMO.
  • I don’t get the Lakers hiring Mike Brown as head coach. I guess let the rebuilding years begin…

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