Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Night Hockey Randomosity

  • Options expiration... Max pain at $132 on $SPY?
  • One of the things I've wondered, is if $APPL iCloud is the beginning of the demise of the home PC. Think about it. Right now we need the local storage for music, videos and pictures. But if all that is in the iCloud, do you still need a PC tower? Some will. Many won't.
  • I'm not the biggest hockey fan on the planet, and rarely (as in never) watch a game. But with nothing else going on today, I turned over to the Stanley Cup where Boston was up 4-0. WHAT? Why bother at that point. Changed over to the news. LOL.
  • Eating some microwave popcorn. Just being honest.
  • Futures are up (as I type), yet Greece debt was just lowered: Greece became the lowest-rated country in the world according to Standard & Poor's, which downgraded it on Monday and warned that any attempt to restructure the country's debt would be considered a default. S&P has put Greece on Double Secret Probation.
  • Well, maybe some will probably want a PC tower and lots of storage for their porn stash.
  • Max pain is one of those things that when it works, you're like "well, that was max pain." I'd imagine they'd like to pin it, right? But I don't know...
  • Well, the Republicans had their first big debate of the pre-season, right? Heck, Primary 2012 is now under way. Sheez. I didn't watch it or listen to it. It's all noise right now.
  • Taking a week off from weight lifting. Did go on a bike ride, though!

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