Thursday, June 16, 2011

Greece is the Word Randomosity

  • Today's icky stock reason du jour: Greece. Of course. The mood among premarket participants this morning was hurt by ongoing concerns related to the fiscal, social, and political troubles of Greece. (More here). Yeah, what they need is a loan - to borrow more money. All it does is postpone the inevitable.
  • So, even with the Dow up and SP500 barely up, the Nasdaq was down. That's never a good sign for the bulls. The Dow is made up of "safe" stocks, in that they are very large cap, very liquid, pay dividends, and generally have lower beta and are less volatile than Nasdaq stocks.
  • Research in Motion reported, and to nobody's surprise it is very obvious they are losing to Apple's iPhone and the Android phones. Duh. Who didn't see that coming? By the time the company upgraded the Blackberry, it was far too little and far too late.
  • Pandora shares almost 50% below their IPO peak. Hey, even those who bought at the IPO price of $16 are underwater. Unless, they were able to sell in time. Minute to win it, as they say!
  • Hugh Hefner's bride to be Crystal Harris, who basically left him right before the wedding, is the July Playboy Playmate. Hef changed the cover to put "runaway bride" over her.
  • Anthony Weiner resigns. LOL. Well... I'm sure home life will be lots of fun, eh?

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