Saturday, May 07, 2011

Your Monthly Gas Bill - Up!

Monthly gas bill Your monthly gas bill! Good column from CNN. $$

So the amount households are spending to fuel up their cars is 9% of the family budget. And that's double from a few years ago.

Bottom line is that when folks are spending money on fuel, they are spending less at the stores. This is like a tax hike in Main Street.

And this is why President Obama is now talking about gasoline and Evil Big Oil companies non-stop. He knows 2012 is coming up quickly and he doesn't want to ignore this hot-button issue.

We are also seeing less demand for fuel. As costs rise, we cut back. Still, fuel prices are becoming a larger percentage of our budgets.

Oil shocks usually lead to recessions and stock market corrections. Is that what we are seeing take shape now?

On the other hand, it's Saturday night and once again I am at the local Indian casino. No sign of a recession here. Maybe with a somewhat better economy, folks are spending a little more. At least at the slots!

I'm up a little. Taking a mocha break.

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