Monday, May 09, 2011

Who is Going to Replace Erin Burnett on CNBC? (Randomosity…)

  • Today is the day Erin Burnett didn’t show up to work at CNBC. She’s gone.  History.  She’s off to some other network that I’m not even sure is in my ATT U-verse subscription plan.  While we wish her well, who will CNBC replace Erin Burnett with?  Some blonde with an Australian accent?
  • How about replacing Erin Burnett with someone who has a Korean accent and English subtitles, like Korean pop singer Lee Hyori?

  • Or, former Lakers coach Phil Jackson?  (Not pictured)  Hey, if Phil was Erin’s replacement, we may see the game plan change a bit.  Maybe if the market is heading down, Rick Santelli would throw an elbow into Jim Cramer’s mug.
  • Today’s reason du jour for the stock bounce?  Rebound in oil (and commodities).
  • Yeah, silver up 5%.  BOING!  The reason stated is US dollar weakness and the fear of European debt.  Why not evil speculators here?  Heck, everyone is blaming the speculators for the high oil prices, which is ridiculous for a global commodity that trades 80million barrels a day.  But silver, that doesn’t do anything but look pretty, jumps 5%?  Yeah, Evil Silver Speculators!
  • Will Brian Shaw be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers?  Yikes. 
  • Market thoughts… Still long the low beta stuff, some oil and some cash.

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