Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Weak Data Part Deux

imageAgain with the weak data as the reason du jour for the stock market selling.  Sigh.  And I was going to blame the Sacramento Rivercats losing to the Salt Lake Bees 8-1 this afternoon.

Which is where I was.

Anyway, the story is that the number of companies coming in with weaker data is on the rise. Some of that I blame on higher energy prices.  When folks spend more money on gasoline, they spend less money elsewhere.  It’s not just fuel, grocery prices are up, too.

As I mentioned in the Podcasts (Audioboos), I definitely respect the historical trends in the market, such as the seasonal pattern for the strong months vs. the weak months.  I also have a “Black Box” timing system that I respect, but have to be on the look out for false signals.

My data isn’t available yet for the Black Box, so stay tuned for more on that.


Mid-80’s.  Sunshine.  Baseball.  A sack of peanuts.  And a few beers.  Nothing weak about that.

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