Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Randomosity

  • Nice bounce back late in the day for the market. I think lots of stuff close to the 50dma, plus or minus. Feels like it's a make or break moment. Options expiration week tends to see some pretty wild swings. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bounce. I remain long in low beta stuff, some oil (ouch) and some cash.

  • DELL PC sales fall 8%, but the company reported record revenues as the PC upgrade cycle continues. Stock up over 4% after hours. My biggest fear is that the tablets will overwhelm the big PC makers. Initially on the consumer side, and eventually on the corporate side.

  • George Soros dumps $800 million worth of gold in the first quarter. Sweet move by the Puppet Master. My guess is that he was selling a lot of that gold to his puppets.

  • Dividend stock battle: $T vs. $VZ. Who comes out on top, ATT or Verizon?

  • Kind of strange that Dell moves up after hours today, following yesterday's HP spanking.

  • The bill to raise taxes on big oil slows down. Of course, the tax subsidies really "spread the wealth" and keep gasoline prices down. Eliminating the tax breaks means that oil companies will have to raise the price of their product, or cut the cost of labor.

  • Did you know that there is going to be a new Charlie's Angels starring Rachael Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh and Minka Kelly? Filmed in Miami? Really.

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