Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday IPO Chugging Randomosity

  • imageInvestors are lining up for their turn at the IPO bong hits.  Chugging $LNKD feels so smooth going down.
  • Shares of LinkedIn had been priced at $14.50 a share on SecondMarket in April of last year, rising to $25 a share by December, and reaching $35 by March of this year. Initially priced at $45, shares of LinkedIn jumped to $94.25 by the close of their first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • I saw Ben Stein recommend $EWJ on one of the Fox Business Shows (Cavuto).  Japanese stocks up two days in a row.  I kind of think it’s a good long term play, but I’d be tempted to swing trade it.
  • $BKS, Barnes and Noble, up 24% afterhours on news that Liberty Media Corp offered to buy the company.
  • Haley Reinhart sent home on American Idol.  It’s an all-country finale.
  • By the way, the rapture is this Saturday, May 21st, according to the work of Harold Camping.  "We know without any shadow of a doubt it is going to happen," he said.  Now, I’ve read enough to know that the Bible says something to the effect that No Man knows the day or hour.  So, I have a hunch this prediction will add to the scrap heap of other predictions.
  • Sign of the end times for a bull market is crazy-ass IPOs, and mergers and acquisitions near bull market high prices.
  • I keep thinking I’m going to get even more conservative in my portfolio, and raise some cash.  The market seems to be giving us another chance to lighten up before the summer.

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