Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Highs - Netflix and Blogsy ($NFLX)

This is a test of the new version of Blogsy for the iPad, while at the same time watching $NFLX go to new highs.

As you know, Netflix is a stock I passed on because I thought that web companies faced the challenges of the low barrier to entry by other start ups, in addition to big companies using big dollars to compete. For example, Netflix streams movies. Heck, that's easy. Anyone can do it, right?

Well, others have tried. Apple TV and Google TV and Roku and... Well, Netflix is at new highs and we're all subscribers, right? Who has an Apple TV? Anyone, anyone Buehler?

Also testing the new version of Blogsy for the iPad, which allows you to upload pics from your iPad to the blog.

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