Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Night Futures

monday night futuresThe market has been closed for what seems like forever. That's what a 3-day weekend does!

The futures are looking up for tomorrow. A lot can change, but looks like we're going to start the last day of the month with a gain. Of course, we know that the last day of the month and the first few days of the new month tend to be positive. Looks that's going to hold true tomorrow.

But much can change overnight. Maybe some folks with "sell at the open" orders will jinx it.

For me, I'm thinking about using any strength this week to lighten up.

I'm kind of wishy washy about it as of now.

This has been one of the coolest Memorial Day weekends here in Sacramento. No need for a pool party. Snow up in the mountains. And this week will be more of the same.

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