Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Market Top? Check the Indicators!

Great column from Mark Hulbert that takes a look at market topping indicators. Looks like we're about there.

In addition to the indicators identified there, remember that we sometimes see increased mergers and acquisitions, as well as IPO activity. Under the covers, the stocks that lead up can't seem to push up anymore ($AAPL).

With all that said, the market held the 50dma and had a strong bounce today. Things are holding up so far. We are in options week. We are in the month of May heading into the weaker Summer season with the market near it's bull market highs. But you kind of have to be thinking, in the back of your head, if the market is giving folks another chance to Sell in May and Go Away.

Phew, work is kicking it to me this week. Know what I mean?

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