Friday, May 27, 2011

The Market and iPhone Stock Picking Apps $$!

  • The stock market was down for the fourth week in a row.  $$ You probably didn’t notice it, as we’ve had a few days of rallies to soften the blow.  For the week, the Dow down .6%, the SP500 down .2%, and the Nasdaq down .2%
  • For today, the market advanced.  The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index rose to 74.3, above the 70 estimates.  Hey! Gasoline prices came down a bit!  That’s more spending money for proms, Father’s Day, and social networking IPOs!
  • But, do you really need to watch the charts when you have a free app that tells you when to buy and sell, short and cover?  There’s an app for that!  Stock Mentor!


  • It’s tough to argue with a 3-month track record!  It looks like it just goes long or short the SP500.  Eh, I downloaded it!  Free!  Why not?
  • Or Stock Genie 2?  This one gives you daily stock picks, long or short, with stop loss numbers, short-term goals and long-term goals.  Just pick how much money you want to make!








  • Stock Genie 2 It’s only $2.99.  How much is Revshark charging you again?
  • The first rule of Stock Genie 2, is that you don’t talk about Stock Genie 1.  I don’t know, but Stock Genie 2 is a curious title.  Makes me wonder a bit about the first version, you know?
  • But check the review by “Helpless User:” “This app actually makes money. More you use it more money you make.  Stock predictions are right most of the time.  A ‘must have’ …. app.”
  • All right.  I don’t know how these will do over time, might be fun to follow for a bit.
  • TGIF!

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