Thursday, May 19, 2011

LinkedIn: $LNKD - Moonshot IPO

LNKD "Houston, we have lift off." LinkedIn ($LNKD) debuts today and now has the valuation worth more than the European Union.

Just kidding about that. But imagine if Greece could have sunk their entire treasury into the IPO at $45. All their financial troubles would be over.

Or Governor Jerry Brown of California. Same deal. "We found a solution to the deficit crisis: Social networking IPOs."

You've heard of LinkedIn, right? It's the place you go to find former coworkers, send them a message, and they email back, "I don't check LinkedIn very often. Friend me in Facebook."

Anyway, the stock is ripping today. The fish are biting. Reminds me of 1999-2000. Back then I had access to a few IPOs before they opened and it was Rip City. While it lasted.

I really don't know the business model of LNKD. Hopefully they have some way of making money off of businesses or advertising. Because just being a middleman, a redirect to Facebook, doesn't seem like a long term strategy.

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