Thursday, May 26, 2011

Late Market Thoughts

The stock market heads into Memorial Day weekend, fighting to break a three-week losing streak. I wrote the other day that while many holiday weekends see a stock market bump heading into the weekend, Memorial Day has tended to be flat. Although, we have rallied the past couple of days ahead of the unofficial weekend of summer.

After the weekend, we hit the first of the month pattern. Money flows into 401(k) plans and such from payroll, and tends to keep a bid under the market.

Once again, the market may give folks yet another chance to lighten up ahead of summer. The market has basically been trending sideways for awhile now!

I remain long, in low-beta stuff, with some oil and some cash. No changes.

I've been playing with Amibroker and a new trading system that is more short-term in duration. More to come...

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