Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm Daytrading Today

In what may be signs of a market top, I'm day trading two stocks today. $$

I don't do this often. But I think it's a gambling bug combined with some cash on the sidelines. It's a bit frustrating getting .01% in money markets so I feel compelled to do something. It's a small, very small, percentage of the portfolio. Just playing for a few percent gain.

I'm not going to mention the stocks because that won't help anyone. And that's not what this website is about. Folks can listen to Cramer for stock picks. He gives a lot of them! Lol.

I have one loser very close to a stop and one winner that's doing well. Probably a little under water overall so far.

If I only was comped a drink, this would be exactly like a casino...

I've eased back on the pics lately. I know.

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