Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freescale IPO up 1.8%

Freescale $FSL IPO $FSL - Freescale - had their IPO today. How'd they do? Well, the IPO priced at the low of their lowered IPO range at $18. By the end of the trading day, the stock was up 1.8%.

Not horrible. Who wouldn't want to make 1.8%? But certainly a little flat compared to last week's $LNKD, eh?

I was just reading about $FSL, and they had gone public and then private again, before going pubic again today. It could be that this just isn't sexy enough. Maybe if they had a website that had a social networking aspect, like tagging photos or something, the stock would have gone up 100%. But they don't. (At least, I don't think they do).

It will be interesting to see how Freescale will do going forward. I fully expect LinkedIn to be grounded. But it could be that Freescale is appropriately priced.

But I bet the insiders with the biggest number of shares wish they had a photo-tagging website with Facebook integration or something.

I think the fish are still biting for the sexy IPOs.

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