Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fire, Brimstone, a Missed Rapture, and the Dow Down -2%

For all the weeping and gnashing of teeth, the Dow was down 1.9% in May.  $$

imageGranted, it was the first negative month in six months.  But it wasn’t THAT negative, right?

Yes, I raised some cash right after the open.  But after a mid-day swoon, the market ended up near the highs of the day.  Reason du jour?  A Greece bail out plan!

Another one?

Yes!  Another one!  Or the same one!  Or the old one revised!  Who knows!?!?

Maybe it’s just the last day of the month after the Memorial Day weekend.  Quantifiable Edges takes a look at a bullish Memorial Week and June 1 combined.

Anyway, the market did move up out of the down trend we’ve had in May, and it looks rather bullish, no?

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