Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Randomosity (and Pippa Middleton!)

Pippa Middleton

  • Seasonality: The first 5 trading days of May during the third year of the election cycle. Bullish!

  • The check's not in the mail! Social Security goes Direct Deposit starting May 1st. That means no more paper checks. That seems to be the trend with everything. Who write checks anymore? The next thing you know, paper currency will be gone.

  • Warren Buffett says not raising the debt ceiling would be the most asinine act ever. EVER! Even he knows the best way do deal with out of control credit card spending is more credit card spending. That's the way Main Street does it. When one credit card is topped out, you get another credit card. Problem solved. Right?

  • Save $100 a week. Well, some of these things take the fun out of life. But...

  • Spend it like you stole it from the bank. They say nothing stimulates the economy like a bank robbery!

  • President Obama spoke today about ending tax breaks for Big Oil. Of course, that would cause companies to pass along their increased costs to you. Companies don't pay taxes, they collect taxes.

  • 30mph wind gusts here in Sacramento. But the temperature is about 72.

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