Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mubarak Strikes Back Randomosity!

  • imageWell, the market was flat today despite the escalation of violence in Egypt.  Egypt-Shmegypt! 
  • Although, Egypt is getting the blame for the listless market.  Unrest in Egypt “is the sort of event risk that is difficult to hedge, so many will prefer to be better safe than sorry,” said Arnab Das, the head of global market research at Roubini Global Economics in London. “Another trade or oil shock, so soon after the systemic global financial crisis and last year’s double-dip fears, could hit global recovery, fragile as it is.”
  • The Suez Canal is still open! 
  • imageBut oil prices inch higher.  Yes, some of that is Egypt, but it’s relatively flat today with the escalation of violence.  Have you seen what this is all doing to the oil stocks?  They’re going to the moon!  They had already rallied quite strongly on a stronger economy and increasing oil demand, but throw a little bit of unrest in the mix, and up they go. 
  • The Daily was released for the iPad.  I downloaded it.  It’s pretty slick.  Does it justify a $.99 a week or $39 a year subscription price?  Eh, we’ll see.  The first two weeks are free, so there’s a chance to give it a good look and see if it’s the right interface for digital news.  But with the decline of the print media, somebody had to put a bold face on “what’s next.”  Maybe The Daily has done it.

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