Friday, February 04, 2011

Go Daddy and the Super Bowl Weekend

It's super bowl weekend, and that means Go Daddy. Oh, and football.

This is just an excuse to put up a picture of a Go Daddy girl. Maybe I'll post some more over the next few days.

The super bowl is big business. Anyone who thought it was just about the Steelers and Packers are wearing blinders! This is about sales and advertising. Advertisers want eyeballs on their products, and the super bowl is the delivery means.

Plus, heck, we like to watch super bowl commercials! Especially new commercials. If it's a retread, sighs will be heard from family rooms around the country!

The stock market doing well. I thought folks might want to take some off the table ahead of a weekend when riots are happening in the middle east.

But, no.

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