Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Apple Blocks Sony e-Reader App

Well. Apple blocks Sony's e-reader app. Is this the kind of thing that could help Google and Android?

I have to admit, the Apple ibook reader isn't my favorite. I'm a little partial to the Barnes and Noble Nook app. But I've bought ebooks from Apple, Barnes and Noble, Amazon's Kindle, and the Google book reader apps. I think the latter is probably the least expensive option. Of course, Bluefire Reader is out there, too, and allows the reading of the library epub format.

But will Apple shut down all the competition or demand "tribute" to the King?

Apple is famous for their closed systems. It's as if the world revolves around Apple. We've been able to laugh it off before the iPhone and iPad, as Apple products fell into a small market niche. Now, Apple has a few mainstream products that are widely accepted and have large market share. Who's laughing now?

This may present an opportunity for Google and its line of Android smart phones and tablets. If Google can undercut on price and deliver more choice, they will win hearts and minds.

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