Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Randomosity and a New Website for Me?

The market selling off today. $$ Reason du jour? Financials! And as you know, it is difficult for the market index to go up when a large component is going down large numbers.

It is just one day. But it looks like the much anticipated correction may have arrived.

  • I may be moving this blog to a new domain. Stay tuned. And since "thelearningcurve" is taken, it will be... something else! Got any ideas?
  • Senator Joe Lieberman will not be seeking re-election. Quite an interesting career for the Senator. Most of us unawares until his 2000 run for Vice President with Presidential candidate and global warming alarmist, Al Gore.
  • Some of my ideas for a new domain name are "latinabootyandyourmoney" or "graceparkno1stalkermarkettiming." See? You just take some words and bunch 'em together for a catchy website name!
  • Goldman Sachs profits down 53%. Ouch.
  • So, quick market thoughts... I remain mostly long but much lower beta after yesterday's sale of the NDX. I think we have some work to do. If I had to guess, I'd suspect a trading range is coming that will take us down 5-10% in the SP500, and then meander for awhile, and then resume the uptrend. That's what I'm thinking, anyway. Subject to change on a moments notice.
  • My thought on Adam Sandler movies? No, that's not an idea for a new website domain name. Anyway, I think they're usually Netflix worthy. You know what you're going to get, right? He plays the same guy in every film. There will be a few funny bits, but most will have been in the previews!

Yes, that is a picture of Jennifer Lopez. That's a name that often comes up when thinking about Latina booty.

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