Saturday, January 08, 2011

Stock Market Weekly Wrap Up!

I don't normally recap the past week, but since it was the first week of the year and we all look to the January Effect and "as the first week of January goes, so goes..." something or other, here it is.

Via our friends at Yahoo Finance, of course.

DJIA: Up 0.8
Nasdaq: Up 1.9
S&P 500: Up 1.1
Russell 2000: Up 0.5

I think I linked to a site earlier that showed the past 60 years of January returns. It looked as if the highest January return was 2.5% for the SP500. There weren't very many over 1.5%. Here we are, at 1.1% already.

I'm going from memory, so you know how that goes. But I think I'm close.

Anyway, the theme from the week was that things are improving, even though the last number of the week was lower than folks wanted. Yes, employment. The experts were thinking that the number would be better than it was. But it does show that things are improving, just not "off to the races."

And maybe we're better off that way...

Ugh, had a bunch of Saints on my Fantasy Football Playoffs team. I was thinking they had a shot at the NFC title. Er, no.

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